Responsibilities: Art Direction, Web Design & Developer, Graphic Design, and Photography
Tools: Adobe Lightroom/Adobe Photoshop/Adobe XD
ORANGEMONKIE is a company that specializes in creating photography and videogprahy tools for content creators, such as portable photo studios and lighting equipment.
The most popular product is the Foldio, a portable and foldable photo studio that allows e-commerce sellers to take high-quality product photos and 360-degree images or videos with their smartphones or DSLR cameras.
Goals: The goal of redesigning the ORANGEMONKIE website is to consolidate their three separate websites (one for the U.S., one for international customers, and one for South Korea) into one cohesive platform that is more customer-oriented. The new website should focus on promoting the products' goals and providing customers with information, while also facilitating communication between customers.
Created while working at ORANGEMONIE

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