Client: Freedom Hyundai/Freedom Toyota
Responsibilities: Art Direction, Graphic Design
Tools: Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator
Freedom dealership’s problem with the advertising he had done before was that it was boring because his brand (which is himself) did not stand out from other competitive dealerships. He wanted something unique for the upcoming Presidents' Day sales event and promised to sign an extended contract based on the analytics.

My marketing colleague and I looked at what he had done in the past, and it was a bunch of ads in which he just stood next to a car wearing a polo shirt, like other dealers trying to represent the dealership's brand.

We set up a photo shoot with him first because obviously, he needed a new photo of himself. We came up with the idea of him wearing patriotic suits (like blue jacket, red pants, white shirts) to represent the dealership name "Freedom" and decided to call him "Mr. Freedom".

For the poses, I told him that I wanted him to do superhero poses with a serious expression. After that, to represent Mr. Freedom as the dealership's president, I decided to photoshop his face onto Mount Rushmore.

This print ad successfully achieved its goal, as i remembered, coming into a dealership is way higher than previous advertising, and he signed an extended contract, becoming one of our long-term clients.
Created While Working At POTRATZ

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